With great joy, the Pious Schools of Mexico lived last Friday, November 6th, the Priestly Ordination of our brother Roberto Emmanuel, who received the Sacred Order of the Presbyterated by Msgr. Rutilio Felipe Pozos Lorenzini, Bishop-elect of Ciudad Obregón.

The Eucharist of ordination took place in the Parish of Our Lady of the Angels, in the City of Puebla; counting on the presence of a good group of Piarists from all over the Province, the candidates, fraternals, family and close friends of Roberto Emmanuel.

The celebration was lived in a climate of great faith and fraternity. As we well know, because of the situation we live in around the world, all preventive health measures were complied with. After the ordination, food was distributed at the facilities of the Carlos Pereyra Institute so that everyone would consume it at home.

The next day, Fr. Roberto Emmanuel presided over his first “sung mass” accompanied by his religious community, family and close friends.

We thank God for this important step in the life and vocation of our brother Roberto Emmanuel, who has been consecrated priest for the service of the Church and especially, at the service of children, adolescents and young people in the Pious Schools.

To the greater glory of God and the usefulness of others.

Carlos Arturo Guerra, Sch.P.