From 11 to 16 July in Warsaw took place the 32nd edition of the International Parafiada of Children and Young People. The Parafiada is an annual event organized continuously since 1988 with the only interruption last year caused by the pandemic. It is the largest gathering in Europe dedicated to sport, culture and faith. In recent years, more than 1000 boys and girls participated in this meeting with their teachers and coaches, and even priests and nuns from up to 10 countries, most of them from Central and Eastern Europe. This year almost 500 people from Poland participated in groups of boys and girls who represented their schools, parishes, sports clubs or other institutions, Piarist and non- Piarist. There was the possibility of following some meetings via the Internet, from which foreign groups that could not participate physically took advantage. For two days we have hosted a group from Ukraine.

The richness of the Parafiada program is based on the triade stadium-theater-temple. It is, therefore, integral education in three dimensions: bodily, intellectual and spiritual. This year the parafiada sports competition was held in 22 disciplines, such as athletics: racing, weight throw, long jump, then badminton, ringo and collective sports: football, handball, basketball, etc. The children were able to participate in various competitions: art, music, theater, science, and workshops, this year called “shape and surface quality game”. The main theme of the formative track was “Restart” and the acts of prayer included not only the word but also the pantomime and symbols related to the heart. As always, the winners won medals, diplomas, cups and awards, and after a week of joy, competition and prayer with great enthusiasm they returned home.

F. Jacek Wolan Sch. P.