On 27 March, the solemn profession of Brother Pavel Pastushyn of the Mother of God of Consolation took place. The Eucharist was presided over by Fr. General Pedro Aguado in the church of the Piarist parish of the Mother of God of Mercy in Kraków – Wieczysta. At the outpout, Fr. Provincial Mateusz Pindelski welcomed Fr. General, who these days makes his canonical visit, and to the representatives of the Piarist presences throughout the Province of Poland, i.e., the Piarist brothers and sisters, our collaborators and friends. Because of the pandemic and the political situation in Belarus, the relatives of the neoprofess could not arrive. Pavel is of Belarusian origin, born in Shchuchyn and met the Piarists in the parish of his hometown.

The solemn profession is very simple but at the same time extraordinary thing because it is a definitive yes. Today in front of the community Pavel says yes, I want to give my life forever to Jesus Christ – said Fr. General at the beginning of the homily. The Piarist brothers and sisters know very well what definition Calasanz gave of the solemn profession. Because he said no more or less than this: nothing pleases God as much as the solemn profession of a young man, except martyrdom, added Fr. Pedro and at the end he said to Pavel: your challenge has a name and I will tell you, do not be frightened, to be a new Calasanz. This is our goal. We cannot get it, but it’s good to try because that helps us to be better.

At the end of the Eucharist Fr. General blessed the missionaries of the Days of the Piarist Charism. This project is the answer to the proposal of the last Provincial Chapter to organize a meeting to deepen the knowledge of our charism, to analyze and update it in the communities. In two shifts of these days organized in October of this year will participate all the religious and novices of the Province with the presence of the members of the Fraternity and the representatives of our laity and young people. The eight Piarists, as “missionaries” after Easter, will begin this process in communities. As a sign of the mission, the brethren received from the hands of fr. General a candle, a symbol of the risen Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

F. Jacek Wolan Sch. P.