Fr. General Pedro Aguado, together with Fr. Miguel Giráldez, Assistant General for Europe, began the Canonical Visitation in the Province of Poland. It is a very simple visit because of the pandemic – explained Fr. General at the first meeting held on 23 March via the Internet with the Superiors throughout the Province – because he had not been able to do it, as planned, in the autumn of last year but, thank God, we do it now. The religious community is the soul of the local Piarist Christian community – Fr. General emphasized at the same meeting. In the evening he visited the Rakowice community in Krakow where the Piarists run the parish and the Calasanz Cultural Center, a work of non-formal education.

Fr. General will visit above all the communities of Krakow, namely Pijarska, Rakowice, Wieczysta, Akacjowa and the house of formation of the juniors. Outside Krakow he will visit only Łowicz and Warsaw in central Poland. It will not pass through the Czech Republic and also through Belarus where there are houses that depend on the Province of Poland. Online talks are planned with community superiors, school principals, juniors, religious from up to 10 years of solemn profession and a meeting with the Piarist Sisters at their Delegation of Poland.

Unfortunately, because of the contagion of the Rzeszów Piarists, at the moment we cannot make the visit to that city, in which we have the community that runs a school and a parish along with the novitiate.

On Saturday, Fr. General will receive the solemn profession of our brother Pavel Pastushyn.

At the end of the visit, he will talk with the Provincial Congregation and with Fr. Provincial Mateusz Pindelski. The visit will take place from 22 to 31 March.


Fr. Jacek Wolan Sch. P.