During the afternoon of Sunday, July 25, the community of Playa de Ponce gathered in the, until then, Piarist parish, Nuestra Señora del Carmen. This was on the occasion of the farewell of the Piarist community that accompanied them for 35 years. The event took place in the evening, with the presence of the Piarists residing in Puerto Rico and some from other parts of the Province of the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Along with them were the new administrators of the Parish, the Claretian Fathers.

The activity began with the celebration of the Holy Mass, presided by MRF Fernando Negro Sch. P., provincial of the demarcation, who in his homily referred to the road built during so many years and that far from being a sad day, it was one of thanksgiving and hope for new things. After the Eucharist, there was a farewell organized by the parochial community. In it, they presented a video, recounted the history of the Parish from the arrival of the Piarist Fathers until today, and recognized the work of their last Piarist parish priest, Fr. Federico Ávila Sch. P., their vicar, Fr. Luis A. Cruz Sch. P. and Fr. F. Javier López Sch. P. They thanked the Piarist presence in Playa de Ponce and said goodbye with significant signs of affection. In the same activity, they received their new pastors.

We thank God for the work carried out in Playa de Ponce, and we pray for all those who will continue to collaborate there. We also pray to God for the new Piarist community and mission in Adjuntas and the brothers they have been entrusted to.

José A. Colón Sch. P.