On May 2, 2020, at around 7:30 am, while the members of the Piarist Presence at Ponce, PR, were celebrating the Eucharist, a new earthquake took place in Puerto Rico, in the area of Penuelas, not far from the city of Ponce. It was quite a strong one, since the magnitude was of 5.4 in the Richter scale.

Fortunately, we all are well and, also our brothers in San Juan, the Capital. Other aftershocks have taken place along the day, and we have been warned to be ready for new movements in the days to come.

No doubt, Puerto Rico is under much pain due to two hurricanes: Irma and Maria, some consecutive earthquakes in the month of January 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic, the constant emigration, and now new earthquakes.

We thank God that we are well, while we pray and ask you to pray for our people, so that the Lord help them bear the pain, and that we be signs of hope and consolation.

Under the protection of St. Joseph Calasanz and of Our Lady of Divine Providence, Patroness of PR, while we dedicate the month of May to her memory.


Fr. Fernando Negro Sch. P.