The Order of the Pious Schools dressed herself with festival garments when on February 1st, 2020, our Brothers Melchor Ortega, Sch.P., and J. Victorino Carreras, Sch.P., made their Solemn Profession in our church of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”, in Tlalpan, CDMX.

Both brothers are Mexicans, and entered the USA to realize the “American dream”. There, they met the Lord, in the Pious Schools, and did the pre-novitiate in the Piarist community of Miami-SEPI. Thus, they belong to the Province of the USA-PR.

Due to their ‘undocumented’ situation, they had to leave the USA, and do the novitiate and the rest of their Initial Formation in Mexico, between Celaya, CDMX and the Piarist mission in Campeche. Now, they have taken the final step, in the midst of the People of God, by their Solemn Piarist consecration, to serve especially children, young people, and families.

The Eucharistic celebration, preside over by Fr. Fernando Negro, Sch.P., Provincial of the USA-PR, who received their vows, was attended by: Fr. Marco Antonio Veliz, Sch.P., Provincial of Mexico , Father Jesús Álvarez, Sch.P. (their Novice Master), Fr. Julio Alberto Álvarez, Sch.P. (present Master of Juniors), a large number of Piarist priests, among which Fr. Emilio Sotomayor, Sch.P. (Provincial Assistant of the USA-PR Province), and all the juniors of the Mexican Province and of the Province of USA-PR who undergo Initial Formation in Mexico (Three juniors, plus Brothers Melchor and Victorino, and deacon José Guadalupe G. Jasso, ordained on January 25, 2020)

Their parents were also present: Mr. and Mrs. Raúl and Carmen, Melchor’s parents, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesús and Francisca, Victorino’s parents. We congratulate them heartily. Family members, catechists, many young people, and religious, priests, and faithful from near and far, met in the Eucharist and in the subsequent fraternal agape.

We thank the Lord for the generous response of our brothers, and for the wonderful gift it represents for the Church in the Order of the Pious Schools, all for his glory. May Mary, Queen of the Pious Schools, continue to strengthen them to always say Yes. Congratulations, dear brothers!

F. Fernando Negro Marco, Sch. P.