Mexico City, January 8, 2019


I give description of the painful events that occurred to Fr. Roly Candelario Piña Camacho of the Province of Mexico. As a precedent, during these days the Piarists of Mexico, after our Christmas Provincial Meeting in Celaya, we visited our families.

In the Community of Apizaco, Tlaxcala, there was only Fr. Roly Candelario, and the events took place between the night of the four, five and six of January 2020.

Express kidnapping, theft in our community and assault with armed hand, receiving several impacts in the vicinity of the Puebla – Mexico highway, a few meters above the forest. Immediately the assailants fled. Father Roly, with several wounds, was able to reach the road and call for help. Providentially no vital organs were damaged.  Now he is in recovery, well cared for and having his relatives very close.

Statements have been made to the authorities. The Bishop of Tlaxcala has given a statement on Father Roly and in solidarity with the Order. Let us pray for him, asking for his health.

Fr. Marco Antonio Véliz Cortés, Sch.P., Provincial