July 15, 2022 (Friday)

We visited the Peralta’s house and the nearby chapel where Calasanz was baptized.

July 16, 2022 (Saturday)

We visited the museum at St. Martin of Tours. We took a lot of pictures and visited the different historical sites. Then, we stopped by the former site of the university in Lleida and listened to the explanation of Rev. Aniol Noguera, Sch. P. and Mr. Edward about some significant facts of the place during the times of Calasanz. Our lunch was served in the Piarist School of Balaguer with its school director who warmly welcomed us. We also visited the Church of St. Christ of Balaguer. Rev. Aniol facilitated the trivia quiz (Q&A) regarding the chronological facts of the life of Calasanz. We had some drinks (juice and beer) at a bar in Balaguer to refresh and celebrate the birthdays of Fr. Yanisse Diedhiou, Sch. P. and Br. Yulius Nahak, Sch. P. During dinner, a simple birthday celebration was prepared for them with wines and cakes. The two celebrators gave their words of thanksgiving to the community.

July 17, 2022 (Sunday)

The group left Peralta de la Sal after breakfast at 8:45 in the morning. We had a long travel going to Tremp. We visited its museum and, inside its hall, Rev. Aniol and Mr. Edward discussed important historical facts about Calasanz during his stay in Tremp. The parish priest of Tremp celebrated mass in the church with all the Piarist priests and deacons in their albas and stoles, who attended the Eucharistic celebration with the parishioners. We traveled to Claverol. After lunch, group dynamics were held in the afternoon, focusing on the topic about how to overcome difficulties and challenges in the Piarist Ministry, with emphasis on Calasanz as he did during his first years in the priestly ministry. After the group sharing and a short wrap-up of the activity, we trekked down a long way going to the river. Majority of the group went swimming enjoying the cold water. We went up the bridge to the small chapel dedicated to Calasanz. Evening prayer was held in the church adjacent to the house. We enjoyed the dinner with some antics prepared for us by the religious of Senegal and Cameroon.

July 18, 2022 (Monday)

We handed a token of appreciation to Rev. Aniol for his contribution to the Calasanctian Route as tour guide and organizer. Also, Fr. Bruno and Rev. Larry gave their words of gratitude to Rev. Aniol on behalf of the group. We left the house of Claverol after breakfast and went to Seu de Urgell. We had the first stop at Plaza del Patalin with the nearby old buildings. Mr. Edward explained the journey and the events of Calasanz in this place. The second destination was Catedral de Santa Magdalena. The church is historically significant especially with the construction of the two belfries. 3rd station: Museum Claustra and San Miguel (Museum Diocese of Seu de Urgell). An important place is the Chapel of Piety. 4th station: Archives, showing significant details on the personal writings of Calasanz as the secretary and master of ceremonies of the diocese from 1587-1589. We were very blessed and grateful to personally witness the saint’s handwriting and letters. Last destination: Monserrat. The Provincial of Catalonia welcomed us and gave us the keys to our rooms in the hotel. We visited the Benedictine monastery. Its rector/abbot gave us the tour of the monastery. We attended the evening prayer of the monks in the Basilica of Our Lady of Montserrat, then we proceed to the private chapel above to celebrate the Eucharist.