The Team of Pastoral Work for Vocations in Asia, accompanied by Fr. General and Fr. Viceprovincial of Japan and Philippines, has finished the work scheduled for this meeting. The project for the year 2019 (travels, contacts of interest, budget, vocational activities, promotion, etc.) has been approved.

It has been especially interesting the fraternal sharing on different experiences for each of the members of the team in his first trips, all of them designed to meet the diverse realities and establish first contacts. We are putting the foundations of a new stage in the process of expansion of the Order of the Pious Schools in Asia.

Fr. General went back to Rome just finished the team meetings. During his stay in Manila, a meeting involving all the juniors and numerous Piarists of the communities in Manila, to reflect together on the recently completed Synod, on Youth, Faith and Vocation discernment was organized.