Ah, if I could receive two-thirds of your spirit!” 2 King 2, 9

With this mail I write a letter to Fr. John Luke, in which I tell him with paternal affection how much I wish to communicate to him with charity  the spirit the Lord has given me” Ep Cal 3913

I would like to crown with these words the working week around the “Particularly significant Calasanctian contributions for the current moment of the Pious Schools”, a space that was under the direction of Fr. Angel Ayala Guijarro Sch. P.

It was days to immerse us fully in the Calasanctian sources and thus “snatch” to our Saint at least one tiny part of the spirit the Lord had given him.

We tried not only to make a theoretical approach but, mainly, an authentic experience of contact with his writings, his life, and his work. While with great erudition, Fr. Angel proposed a brilliant reading, for example, of the Memorial to Cardinal Tonti, in turn he invited us to visit Calasanz’s room assiduously and stay there to learn to pray as he prayed.  While he helped us revisit the founder’s biography as an itinerary, he also proposed (until the current circumstances allowed him) to walk and scrutinize the Roman neighborhoods so often contemplated by the old saint. Anyway, these were days of an authentic integral Calasanctian school, capable of touching life and also renewing ourselves to better serve our task as trainers.

Due to the obvious difficulties we are living globally, Fr. General has advanced the completion of this course. That is why I would like to take advantage, on behalf of all my Piarist brothers with which we have shared these months, to thank the Order, Fr. General and his assistants, each of our Demarcations, the teachers and, especially the community of San Pantaleo that has truly welcomed us and made us feel at home.

It is necessary to first collect as basin to then spill as channel. The second challenge is then approaching: spilling, sharing, offering all that has been given to us to walk and help others to walk by wearing our holy father’s sandals.

May the Lord give us the grace to be able to do so and that everything may be for his glory and the usefulness of others.

P. Guillermo Serpez Sch. P.




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