The Order of the Pious Schools has launched, on the day it celebrates its founder Saint Joseph Calasanz, the blog Panorama Calasanz. It is a collaborative web space that aims to address the current life we live, with a Piarist look and sensitivity. “It’s about seeing God in all things, through Calasanz,” explains Andrés Valencia, coordinator of the Communication Office.

The new platform will address Sunday’s gospel commentary weekly, as well as a range of diverse topics, from science to pedagogy, actuality or culture through a wide network of more than twenty collaborators from and close to the Pious Schools. The aim is to offer reflections for dialogue with reality, through simple language with the idea of reaching a broad audience. “We want to generate content and experience that helps others discover Calasanz and the Pious Schools,” Explains Valencia.

The website comes to complete the communicative map of the Order to make a space for simple reflection, linked to the present day, and in which different aspects of everyday life can be freely addressed.

Access here: