Not because the Piarists are not in this city, but because they bring it a new educational work: the school. In Rzeszòw there is a parish entrusted to the Piarists and there is the novitiate of the Province of Poland. However, the most desired and by everyone wished institution was lacking: the school.

On September 22, the ceremony of the blessing of the cornerstone of the new school building was held. Concretely the stones were two, one from the birthplace of St. Joseph Calasanz in Peralta de la Sal (Spain), the other from the General House of San Pantaleo in Rome.

The ceremony brought together representatives of the local civil and ecclesiastical government. Father Provincial Jòzef Matras and other Piarist brothers, the directors and representatives of the Catholic and public schools of Rzeszòw intervened. The bishop, H.E. Mons. Edward Bialoglowski, blessed the cornerstones and the schoolyard. The ceremony was organized by Father Mariusz Siòdmiak, who was appointed director of the new school. The school should count about 800 pupils, from the youngest to the maturity. (In the photographs you can see the prospectus of the building).

In the history of our Province, in Rzeszòw there was a Piarist school, in which Father Stanislaw Konarski, the famous reformer of the education of the XVIII century, taught. The school was closed under the domination of the Austrian government at the time of the partition of Poland. Counting the years, we can say that the Pious Schools return to Rzeszòw after 235 years of scholastic absence.


P. Łukasz Adamusiak Sch. P.