We arrived at the special region of Peralta de la Sal on July 10 for lunch, well received by those who live here.

We begin with a dynamic to get to know each other and strengthen the diverse and rich group that we make up, carried out by the coordinators of the Calasanz route.

The next day, the spiritual talks organized by Fr. Emmanuel Suarez began to help us verify our vocation for the next five days. We meditate on the following of Christ, religious vows, our ministry, affectivity and community life.

After the talks and personal meditation, we shared the resonances of what we reflected on as a community, this being a moment of great intimacy and an opportunity to get to know each other deeply.

It was a very special grace to celebrate the Holy Mass and the prayers in the Sanctuary of the birthplace of Our Holy Father, whose organization was alternated among the religious of the different circumscriptions.

In addition, with the expert company of Fr. Juan Antonio Frías, we toured the museum, the chapel of the martyrs and the Peralta parish. There we were able to deepen central elements of the life of the Founder, recognizing that the vocation of Calasanz arose, already in its origins, from his family and people.

In response to the reality of the host community that is Peralta, we had the joy of sharing a soccer game with some of the Ukrainians who are staying in the Piarist house.

At night, each demarcation had its time to present the reality of their province and share some cultural elements such as food, drinks and music.

As the days go by, the joy of being part of the same religious family inspires and encourages us to know each other more deeply and share what we receive from God in this Piarist religious vocation.

Andrés Rodríguez