During several days of January the members of the chapter discussed a lot of things, divided into 5 groups: I- Religious-Community Life- Calasanz; II- Vocational Culture- Restructuring, Consolidation, Expansion; III- Initial Formation- On-going Formation; IV- Ministry- Participation and Shared Mission; V- Economy- Structure. After the groups discussed and gave their ideas and suggestions in their respective groups, each group shared to the plenary the outcome of their discussions.
On the second day, it was read the appointment of the Vice-Provincial Superior from the General Congregation. The Vice-Provincial Superior is still Fr. Miguel O. Artola, Sch.P. In the afternoon, the appointment for the Vice-Provincial Assistants was read; the assistants are Fr. Francis Mosende, Sch.P. and Fr. Efren Mundoc, Sch.P. The election for the delegates to the General Chapter followed; Fr. Francis Mosende, Sch. P. and Fr. Jesus Barrion, Sch.P. were elected, and Fr. Efren Mundoc, Sch.P. as the alternate. The afternoon session was ended with the discussion of Fr. Miguel about the great challenges of the Vice-Province. It is his program for the year 2019-2023.
The 3rd day of the chapter was very interesting. It talked about the propositions and proposals. Hence, the five groups were given particular propositions and proposals to be discussed and studied. Then they needed to agree or disagree with the propositions and make a prioritization on the proposals. The secretaries of the different groups presented to the plenary the outcome of their discussions. In the evening, the members of the chapter voted on the results of the three groups on Religious Life, Vocation, and Initial Formation. Then some persons were asked to count the votes. Tomorrow we will know the results.
The fourth day continue the approval of the propositions and the prioritization of the proposals. The signing of the obligations of Masses and suffrages for the deceased, and minutes of the meeting has been done. Then the closing speech of the president of the chapter encouraging the religious to take seriously the vows.
Everything is for a greater increase of piety.

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