We were filled with joy when we read a piece of news recently published from Equatorial Guinea on this subject.

In our province, we are also enthusiastically journeying towards a dream that, after a long process, it will soon be a reality.

Our ITEC groups (Itineraries of Calasanctian Spirituality) and the Calasanz Movement convene adults and young people to share prayer, formation, and mission. In addition, initiatives have emerged to deepen the scope of the Shared Mission and start the Fraternity in our province.

Thanks to the Fraternity’s General Council guidelines and the help of the Fraternity of Nazareth, we are moving forward in drafting our bylaws and, therefore, towards the beginning of the first processes of discernment in this area.

We are moving slowly yet steadily, and we feel satisfied with everything we have learned during the process. We are also happy to be in contact with people from different fraternities who have participated in our virtual meetings to share enlightening experiences with us.

We value being part of such a large family and the opportunity to share with others the charism and mission of the Pious Schools.

Fr. Francisco Anaya Walker Sch. P.