Brother Ajo’s solemn profession was held at Sacred Heart Community in Kamda, on 8th September 2021, on the Feast of the Nativity of our Mother Mary.

Fr. Francis Kerketta was the delegate of India’s Vice-Provincial, Rev. Fr. József Urbán. Frs. James Jaria, Rector of Sacred Heart community, James Santiago, Ajit Kerketta, and Philip Raj have witnessed the occasion. Aspirants of the Formation House of Torpa led the coir. All the hostel boys also took part in the celebration.

Brother Ajo remembered with gratitude all the religious of our Order, especially Fr. General, Pedro Aguado, and the General Congregation, Fr. József Urbán, Vice- Provincial, Vice Provincial Congregation, and all the fathers and brothers of the Vice-Province. Likewise, brother Ajo’s Parents, brother, family, relatives, friends, and well-wishers were also remembered by him.

Fr. Francis Kerketta Sch. P.