Bros. Xavier Virgins of Christ the King Sch. P. and Melbin George of Our Lady of Sorrows Sch. P., have done their simple profession in the Vice-Province of India.

The ceremony was taken place on 5th June 2021, in Casa Calasanz, novitiate house, Kudukki. They are the 4th batch compleating the novitiate from Casa Calasanz. Fr. Jobi Jose Sch. P, the rector and novice master was delegated to receive their profession. Fr. Nikhil Sch. P. and the very close benefactors and neighboring claretian community were present for the celebration.

The families of the two brothers could not join the celebration due to lockdown and Covid-19. After the Holy Mass, there was a fraternal dinner with which the celebration ended happily.

Fr. Jobi Jose Sch. P.