Last Monday, April 12, Fr. General, together with Fr. Urbán, Vice-Provincial of India and Assistant General for Asia, began the planned Canonical Visit.

Being able to achieve this trip was not easy due to restrictions because of the pandemic. But thanks to diplomatic efforts, the respective permits and visas were obtained in order to travel to Bangalore and from there make the entire visit.

Normally Fr. General travels to the presences we have in each demarcation during canonical visits, but in this case, it has been the opposite: all the religious have started to travel in groups to Bangalore so that they can have the personal meeting with Fr. Pedro and, in some cases, also the community.

Some meetings have been scheduled with some communities, with trainers, with the Vice-Provincial Congregation, among others. We will also have the joy of celebrating the solemn profession of our brother Srikanth Baluspati on April 22 in the afternoon.

Let us pray that this visit made in the midst of the global crisis because of the pandemic will bear good fruit in the lives of our brothers and sisters in India.

Fr. Andrés Valencia Henao Sch. P.