Dn. Karuna was ordained as a priest, on the day dedicated by the Order to pray for all our candidates in initial formation, by Most. Rev. M.D. Prakasham, D.D. Bishop of Nellore.

He sang his thanksgiving mass on Sunday, 27th September at his parish Holy Cross Church, Veerapalli. Fr. Ashok Sch. P. and other ten diocesan priests concelebrated with him. His parents, relatives, and friends attended the ceremony following the protocol of Covid-19. He thanked all the Piarists who have accompanied him spiritually with their prayers especially for the Vice-provincial Fr. Urbán and councilors and Fr. Thomas who accompanied him personally in his spiritual journey.

Fr. Karuna traveled back to the community of Bangalore on 1st October. On 3rd He celebrated the first mass in his community, Nazareth Bhavan, accompanied by Frs. Joseph Kunnel, Jijo, Dn. Shanto and all the juniors. He thanked God for giving him such a wonderful community. He remembered and thanked again all the fathers who help him to reach the altar of God.

Fr. Jins Joseph Sch. P.