The 33rd International Parafiada of Children and Youth took place in Warsaw from July 10 to 15. More than 500 people made up a total of 33 representations, including 24 from Poland and 9 from abroad from Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine. The participants worthily represented their sports clubs, parishes, schools of different levels and other institutions.

The children competed individually and in teams in 23 disciplines; they participated in artistic and knowledge contests, musical and theatrical performances, workshops and a program of visiting the capital of Poland; they also took part in a formation program called “Close to you” with daily Eucharist, evening prayer, and the opportunity to visit the adoration tent of the Blessed Sacrament in the afternoon.

There were 803 entries in sports competitions and 453 in contests; 65 sets of medals with diplomas and cups were given out; the “Hard Art” workshop was very popular, with 285 participants.

The Parafiada program is a proposal for the integral education of the person in three dimensions: corporal, cultural and spiritual, all according to the Greek triad: stadium, theater and temple. The author of the project, Fr. Józef Joniec chose as his motto a phrase of the most famous Polish Piarist of the 18th century, that is, Stanisław Konarski who said: “Do everything possible to perfect: the heart with virtues, the mentality with sciences and the body with exercises”.

P. Jacek Wolan Sch. P.