Today, July 16, 2022, we remember with immense joy the day when Pope Clement XIII proclaimed our Founder a Saint.

The process, in the beginning, was not easy, but with work, insistence, faith, documentation, proofs, and miracles, Joseph Calasanz was elevated to the glory of the altars. It is a solemn way in which the Church recognizes the path traveled by a man who wanted to do the will of the Father by educating children, especially the poorest, in piety and letters.

Let us pray that all of us who feel and are children of Calasanz follow in his footsteps and try daily to live in holiness among the children and young people entrusted to us and their families.

In summary, the process leading to his canonization was as follows:

  • 1728 Approval of the heroic virtues by Benedict XIII
  • 1748 Solemn Beatification in the Vatican Basilic by Benedict XIV
  • 1767 Solemn Canonization at the Vatican Basilic by Clement XIII

Fr. Andrés Valencia Henao Sch. P.