Archivum Scholarum Piarum

Archivum Scholarum Piarum is a semi-annual magazine of the Order of the Pious Schools, created in 1977, with the aim of informing the Piarists and academia (it has exchanges with many other magazines of historical-religious character) on the history of our Order.

Since its creation it has three sections: MONUMENTA SCHOLARUM PIARUM, dedicated to present the sources of our history (currently we are publishing Fr. Caputi’s  Notizie Historiche); STUDIA CRITICA, offering works on the history of the Order (to highlight the biographies of our General Fathers), and NOVA DOCUMENTA, to display documents on our history of recent find. The magazine concludes with the BIBLIOGRAPHY section, with reviews of recent books by Piarist authors or which deal with Pious School history.