The Lay Piarist


We lay Piarists, men and women, live with deep joy the sharing of spirituality, life and mission with religious Piarists. We have chosen to make present with our way of life the charism of Calasanz in the world, in society and among the people with which we live and share our life and time.

We are followers of Jesus who want to fully live our vocation in the style of Calasanz. This vocation is realized in the Directory of Participation in the Pious Schools, approved by the 47th General Chapter, where the lines from which the Piarist Order proposes the development of the extraordinary challenge of communion between religious and laity are developed.

Lay Piarists are “people who, with a Piarists charismatic experience in the Fraternity, are part of the Order with a legal commitment, from their lay status, after a process of discernment with their subsequent request and acceptance”

On June 15, 2002, we made the promise to this vocation the first 7 lay Piarists in the chapel of the Calasancio School in Bilbao. In this letter we want to briefly present how we have been realizing since then this form of participation in the Province of Emmaus. 

As Fr. General Pedro Aguado explains, “we are faced with a vocation that must be very carefully taken care of and valued, recognized in people of clear vocational journey and consistent formation, and finally accepted by the major superiors taking into account the opinion of the Council of Fraternity”. “We thank God for the gift of the Piarist vocational plurality, and for his infinite goodness we hope that we can all understand that there is only one way to live the Piarist vocation (religious or lay) that we have received: intensely, fully, from the honest pursuit of authenticity. Only in this way will vocational plurality be fruitful and in the good of children and young people, especially the poor.”