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App Scolopi

With the motto “Calasanz Goes with You”, the Order of the Pious Schools presents the new APP designed and conceived “for you to take Calasanz with you, in your day to day”.

The application makes it possible to know with immediacy the highlights of the present day of the Pious Schools, as well as to know their charism and mission, and to contact at any time and in any part of the world with the different Piarist presences.

In Scolopi you will find various sections related to Calasanz, the Calasanctian family, as well as the Pious Schools in the world and its history. Through the search engine you can locate any Piarist presence in the world, as well as the Calasanctian places for anyone who visits Rome, cradle of the Pious Schools. Also, Scolopi allows access to the main publications (Analectaand Ephemerides Calasanctianae), as well as to the letters of Father General and to the Calendarium Ordinis, which includes, among others, the data and anniversaries of Piarist religious and works.

The application, very easy to use, also allows to receive notifications and to provide suggestions and queries through the mailbox. Scolopi is available for any device, both in IOS and Android versions, and is accessible in all four languages of the Order.