Virtual tour

Calasanz as you have never experienced him before

A virtual tour allows access to the places where the Founder of the Piarists lived and are forming part of the General House in Rome.

It is already possible to visit three emblematic places of times of the founder and which form part of the history of the Order of the Pious Schools. It’s high resolution images of 360 degrees that allow visitors to “move” within the stay and enjoy the room of Calasanz, the Church of San Pantaleo and the Chapel of the community, all of them in the House of the General Congregation in San Pantaleo (Rome).

Images, developed by Undanet, provide in addition access to information of each one of the rooms, as well as data of historical and artistic interest. The new high-definition technology allows to reach details and get close to locations and areas impossible to grasp at a simple glance. In this way, it is possible to appreciate with amazing detail the paintings of the roof of the church or the frescoes in the room of Calasanz. In addition, through a simple viewer it is possible to have a three-dimensional experience of the Calasanctian places with any mobile device.

Anyone can access through the link above