The religious of the Pious Schools of Argentina, attentive to the voice of the Spirit and counting on the help of the prayer of many, has started on Monday November 12 their Provincial Chapter. The 14th was dedicated to the elective session, in which Fr. Marcelo Benítez Ferradas of the Mother of Jesus has been re-elected for the service as Provincial Superior.

It was followed by the election of the Assistant Fathers, who threw the following results: Fr. Ernesto Herrmann of O.H.F. Joseph Calasanz, Assistant for Religious Life and Permanent Formation; Fr. Sergio Conci Magris of the Crucified Master, Assistant for Piarist Ministry; Fr. Guillermo Serpez of Jesus the Crucified Master, Assistant for Initial Formation and Pastoral on Vocations and Fr. Matías Pavón of O.L. of Pilar, Assistant of Participation.

F. Luis Maltauro, Sch.P.