“Piarist spirituality is not only to transform the child into a sacrament of God, but also to become a sacrament for him”.

To close the activities commemorating the vocation month and dedicated to the Patron Saint of the Piarists, St. Joseph Calasanz, the presence team and the vocation ministry organized a meeting called “Coffee with Calasanz” on Wednesday, August 31.

The event took place on the terrace of the community of Our Lady of Graces and was attended by pastoral agents, the Fraternity, the Piarist youth, the vocation ministry and representatives of the Piarist works: Social Center and Ibituruna College.

Father Pierre, Sch.P. guided the reflection, which was followed by a lively Quiz. According to him, children are our greatest treasure. We are called by God to educate and care for them, adolescents and young people with great responsibility and affection. Enlightened by Jesus and following the path opened by St. Joseph Calasanz, the Piarist feels called to give life to the little ones.

Father José Luiz, Sch.P. and Father Agendia, Sch.P. were also present. It was a very special moment, in which we were able to know a little more about the spirituality of Calasanz. Thank you very much, Piarists, for introducing us to Calasanz and being our shepherds.

Communication Team of the Province of Brazil Bolivia