Our Order has established its first community in Guatemala, in the archdiocese of Los Altos Quetzaltenango.

It is a community that stands as a General House and is the result of the missionary will of three demarcations, which jointly assume this new Piarist presence: United States-Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Californias.

With the agreement of the Archbishop of Los Altos Quetzaltenango, Msgr. Mario Alberto Molina, our community will assume the parish “Santiago Apóstol” of Huitán and Cabricán, as well as the two parish schools annexed to that parish.

Our first Piarist Community will be made up of the following people:

  1. Fr. Aarón Julio Cahuantzi of the Province of Mexico
  2. Deac. Melchor Ortega of the Province of the United States and Puerto Rico
  3. Mr. Francisco López, lay Piarist from the Province of Mexico
  4. Fr. Carlos Martínez of the Province of Mexico, will collaborate with this foundation in the first six months. In June, he will return to his Province. Since September 2021, it is planned to incorporate a junior from the Vice-Province of the Californias, who will make in Guatemala his year of experience.

The sending Eucharist is dated January 5 in the city of Puebla (Mexico), presided over by Fr. Francisco Anaya, and on January 8 our missionaries arrive in Guatemala, thus starting the foundation.

Let us pray for this new foundation of the Pious Schools so that, with God’s favor, it will be fruitful in Piarist life and mission.