The Nazareth Province, which is present in the countries of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, held the IV Calasanz Congress of Pedagogy held in a semi presidential way with transmission headquarters in the city of Bogota, Colombia, during October 13, 14 and 15, 2021. It was attended by more than 500 educators from our schools and other works of the Province.

The intention of the congress in its fourth edition was to rethink our pedagogical work working on the following objectives:

– To generate through pedagogical reflection the “Calasanctian Educational Pact“, renewing our commitment to the education of boys, girls and young people as subjects for the transformation of a society, increasingly open and inclusive and builder of a different world.

Specific objectives:

  • To generate a space for reflection on the Piarist vocation as a way of living the Calasanctian identity.
  • To establish actions based on pedagogical reflection and its impact on didactics and evaluative strategies towards an inclusive education.
  • Promote innovation and research in pedagogical reflection through the socialization of our educational work in PIETY AND LETTERS.
  • To renew our commitment for and with the other, the environment and the transformation of society.

The axes proposed for the development were distributed as follows:

  • Global Educational Pact, by Fr. General Pedro Aguado.
  • Piarist Vocation, Fr. Marcelo Benitez (Provincial of Argentina).
  • Didactics and evaluative strategies towards an inclusive education, with presentations by Fr. José Víctor Orón and, later, the psychologist Evelyn Díaz.
  • Innovation in piety and letters, where we have the experience of the SUMMEM Project of the Pious Schools of Catalonia by Eli Moreras and Jaume Montsalvatge, to close the panel of presentations with Mr. Emilio Torres, pedagogical director of Progrentis.

This is the fourth version of a series of congresses that have been promoted since 2006, in which reflection and educational innovation are permanently invited for the benefit of our children and youth of the Pious Schools in Nazareth.

On our website you can find photographic material related to the congress and the different audiovisual memories of the presentations.


César Pinzón

Provincial Communications Coordination