The Pious Schools have launched the online course “With a great spirit” which aims to offer clues and deepen the style of Piarist volunteering.

The initiative, carried out between different Piarist institutions (Youth Pastoral Network, Calasanz Movement, Itaka-Escolapios and Piarist Parishes), aims to promote the Piarist identity of the volunteers who collaborate in some mission project of the Pious Schools, as well as to know the different projects where the mission can be exercised and to present a valuable formative model to grow in Piarist identity.

“The truth is that the mission of the Pious Schools is unthinkable without the generous collaboration of thousands of volunteers who offer their qualities and their time to educate in piety and letters,” the organization explains. This course aims to contribute to the proclamation of the Gospel and the reform of society.

The training is organized in different online sessions and proposes a reflection based on the book “With a great spirit” by the Piarist Javier Alonso, in addition to collecting the experience of the different interprovincial mission platforms.

The course, which will begin on April 23, will consist of 8 online sessions throughout the year, in addition to different works and has the certificate of the Cristobal Colon University of Veracruz.