On October 8 has taken place in our Church of Maria Treu in Vienna, the ordination to the Diaconate of the religious John Bosco Joseph. John Bosco is the first Piarist religious of Indian origin, assigned in the community of Maria Treu, who has studied and is ordered in Austria.

The ceremony has been presided by H. E. Rev. Selvister Ponnumuthan, Bishop of the Diocese of Punalur in Kerala, India. In the celebration Piarist religious of Austria, Italy, Poland and Hungary have been present, as well as religious from other religious Orders and lay people from our groups and communities. Fr. József Urbán and Fr. Miguel Giráldez, General Assistants of Asia and Europe respectively, and Fr. Clemens Pilar, General of the Kalasantiner, have concelebrated. We ask the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin of the Pious Schools, beautifully represented in the icon who presides over the Church of Maria Treu, for John Bosco to be faithful to his Piarist vocation, and for Calasanz to encourage him in the service to children.

Everything for the Glory of God and utility of the neighbor.