On the occasion of 10 years of taking over the Piarist kindergarten in Maria Treu (Vienna, Austria), the Piarists have published a publication. As a representative of all contributions, the interview with the General Delegate of the Piarists in Austria, Father Jean de Dieu Tagne Sch. P., was translated.


The heart of Calasanz


Piarist Fr. Jean de Dieu Tagne speaks in an interview about the great importance of the kindergarten in Maria Treu.


“Here, in Rome, I have found the best way to serve God in the children and young people, and I will never leave him for anything in the world”. This sentence is a well-known statement by Saint Joseph Calasanz, the founder of the Piarist Order. What significance does the kindergarten in Maria Treu have for the Piarists?


Fr. Jean de Dieu Tagne: to speak about the kindergarten, I am happy to use a Latin expression that is very close to Joseph Calasanz’s heart: “a teneris annis” means “from a tender age”. For Calasanz, the upbringing of children should start very early, because “if children are brought up in piety and science from an early age, there is a good chance that they will lead a happy life.” For the Piarists, Maria Treu’s kindergarten is the heart of Calasanz: what Calasanz liked best, what he recommended to the Piarists, and what the Piarists do in 43 countries and 200 schools around the world.


What do you wish for the children, parents, and teachers in the kindergarten in Maria Treu?


You already know: we grow in love, peace, and joy. I wish that to each of them and their families. For the Piarists, the educational community is a family in which we respect one another, love one another, help one another, and share one hope. Education for Calasanz is a tool to improve society. With Calasanz we dream of a society in which everyone has their place since we are all sons and daughters of the same father.