In cooperation with experts and construction companies, the roof and two gable walls in the Piaristenkollegium Krems (Austria) were renovated in the second half of 2021. Measures that are not visible at first glance will significantly benefit the preservation of the historic listed building fabric for years to come. 

Since 1776, the Piarists have taken care of the church in the Lower Austrian town on the Danube.

Currently, the Krems Piarist College is largely rented out. In addition, the Federal Grammar School and the International Management Centre Krems (IMC-University) are housed in the Piarist buildings. Currently, three young Piarists have been assigned to provide pastoral care for the people of Krems.

Due to the effects of the weather over the past decades, the gable walls on the façades began to lean forward. The consequence was that the wooden construction of the roof truss was partially exposed to precipitation in this peripheral area. The Piarist Order Province, therefore, decided to start a comprehensive renovation. The goals of this renovation were to preserve the old building fabric, stabilize the walls and prevent further damage in the future.

In mid-2020, the first findings of the extent of the damage were made. Wood-destroying organisms were also identified in the roof structure. The necessary renovation measures were recorded by the civil engineering firm FCP (contact person Arch. Katharina Taumberger) in a call for tenders and awarded to the best bidder – the company Kinastberger (contact person Franz Kinastberger). The entire project comprised a construction volume of € 185,000 (net) was financially supported by the province of Lower Austria (contact person Nina Kallina) and the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments.

Many minor roof damages had to be repaired. Likewise, the brick debris had to be removed from the cornice of the roof truss to relieve the construction.

The free-standing gable walls were reinforced with a shear-resistant connection to the roof truss. Many areas were cleaned and cleared of dust and dirt. The Mittendorfer family stonemasonry business renovated the weathervanes on the gable walls. The weathervanes show the symbol of the Jesuits and are still preserved from the time of the predecessors of the Piarists.

The protection of the historic building fabric was of great importance. Therefore, all work was conducted in close consultation with the Federal Monuments Office (our contact person Franz Beicht).

The Piarists are pleased with the successful completion of the work. The General Delegate of the Piarists in Austria, Fr. Jean de Dieu Tagne Sch. P.: “Krems is an important place for us. The Piarists work here and care for the faithful. The preservation of our college is of great importance. I would therefore like to thank all those involved and project partners for the excellent cooperation over the past months.”



Pictures and captions: 

Photo 1: The Piarists and the project partners in Krems (from left to right 🙂 Fr. Jinto Scaria Sch. P., Fr. Jean de Dieu Tagne Sch. P., Katharina Taumberger (FCP), Franz Beicht (Bundesdenkmalamt), Franz Kinastberger (Kinastberger Company) and Fr. Antoine Thierry Edang Sch. P. in the Piaristengasse in Krems, Austria.

Photo 4: The renovated gable wall with the weather vane.

Photo 6: The roof truss was wholly cleared of dust and dirt. The relief of the construction could thus be ensured. 

Photo 8: The General Delegate of the Piarists in Austria, Fr. Jean de Dieu Sch. P., receives the final report on the project from Arch. Katharina Taumberger (FCP) at the Piarist College in Krems, Austria.