Our Father General, Pedro Aguado, visited the Piarists in Austria from September 6th to September 10th.

Many conversations and visits were on his agenda. After an intensive exchange with the young piarists from Krems and Horn, Fr. General attended the Piarist elementary school St. Thekla in Vienna.

Together with two students, the director of the elementary school, Anna Draskovits, the Rector of St. Thekla, Fr. Gerald Funwie Azongwa Sch. P. and  Fr. Ignasi Peguera Sch. P., welcomed Fr. General on the forecourt of the school and conveyed best wishes. The General Delegate of the Piarists in Austria and priest in Maria Treu, Fr. Jean de Dieu Tagne Sch. P., translated the conversation from Spanish into German.

After a short tour of the school, Fr. General was delighted with the Josef Calasanz mosaic in the corridor of the elementary school. Subsequently, Fr. General met Fr. Gerald Gump from the parish “Zur Frohen Botschaft” for a personal conversation. In the afternoon there was a conversation with the administrator of the Piarist Province, Mr. Thomas Pawel.

On the same evening, the Piarists celebrated Holy Mass in Maria Treu. Afterward, Fr. General spoke with the parish members in the courtyard of the elementary school.

Wednesday was all about the Order. The highlight was the provincial meeting with Fr. Pedro Aguado. All Piarists from Austria took part.

Lukas Zimmermann