“Restart” is the motto proposed by the General Team of the Calasanz Movement (MCal) for the next school year 2020-21. As they explain, in the year that comes we need to restart, start again, always with you. It is not just a question of pressing a button, but of going further, gaining momentum, starting up again and thus achieving the goals, objectives, proposals, in which Jesus always has something to tell us. Restart tells us about the renewal that arises from the power of the Spirit within us and in the world.

The next school year is an opportunity to be re-born, to re-position ourselves, to re-new our faith and consolidate it. Also to launch ourselves, to leap into the adventure of faith, to take risks (why not?), from the confidence of knowing us loved by the Father.

The MCal makes available to all demarcations promotional materials, either the logo or the three proposals of posters, two dedicated to the little ones and one focused on young people. They are available at the following link on the Calasanz Movement website:

Likewise, anyone who needs any other language version or format can request it through MCal’s email: movcalasanz@scolopi.net