Twenty-five years ago, the Piarist Community of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the support and accompaniment of the whole Province, began the first steps of what has become a meeting point, growth, and loyalty to the legacy of our Founder and Father.

St. Joseph of Calasanz Day Care Center has offered since then a space to support and accompany the educational process of children in poverty. In this way they were approached with a powerful help for their own progress and achievement of the means to help them to get out of poverty.

And also, a very desired purpose of the Piarist Fathers began to become a reality: to give the children, young people, families and educators of our School and Parish an environment of mission and apostolic commitment that has been a binding force for the whole Community.

In this framework, the children, with their families, the Piarists, and a large representation of Calasanz School, celebrated with joy these twenty-five years. And they hope to go for many more.

Fr. Luis Maltauro Sch. P.