On Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 17:00 hours in Rome, the “Youth Meeting of the Calasanz Movement” took place with the motto, “Restart the Movement”. It was a beautiful opportunity for young people from the different Demarcations of the Order where this Pastoral process is present, to meet in the framework of the new date to celebrate the day of the Calasanz Movement, agreed for May 31, and which corresponds to the entry into the Order of the Pious Schools of the first young man and friend of Calasanz, the Venerable Glicerio Landriani Sch. P. on May 31, 1612, now patron of the Movement.

This meeting was full of significant moments and experiences that we briefly recall:

  • A moment of prayer connected with the Holy Spirit and the desire to live renewed and restart our dreams, communities and projects with Him. A space prepared by Santiago Gaviria and young people of the Nazareth Province.
  • Father General, Pedro Aguado Sch. P., invited the young people in attendance to:
    • NAME THEIR DREAMS and dream, like St. Joseph Calasanz and Glicerio Landriani, a better world, dreams that come from the action of God working within each one; dreams that require challenges and consistency such as thinking of the poor, of the community, of transforming the world, of living Jesus with passion.
    • TO WALK and live a process of transformation shared with others, to discover new things, challenges, where commitment, faith, prayer, vocation will appear.
    • TO BUILD because it is not enough to name dreams and processes, it requires choices, work, making decisions, collaborating with the Piarist mission.
    • TO DISCOVER THE CENTER of our own life and of our faith, which is Jesus, always exciting and that fills us with meaning.
  • Mauro Rodriguez and some young Mexicans invited us to be fishermen of Christ with a game that made the assembly move. At the end, Mauro also reminded us to participate in the social networks, communications and web page of the Movement: www.movimientocalasanz.org.
  • An approach to the life of Venerable Glicerio Landriani Sch. P. could not be left out of this meeting. Juan Carlos de la Riva Sch. P. shared with us how this dreamy and restless young man, coming from a noble family in Milan, was awakening his vocation from his studies, his formation as a priest, his support of a work for needy and vulnerable women, until he arrived at the Pious Schools in Rome. This young man let himself be accompanied by his confessors and this path led him to meet St. Joseph Calasanz, where he was able to better live his option for poverty, his gifts as a catechist and man of prayer, and where he was able to contribute experiences of care and prevention of children as guardian angels.
  • Sharing among young people could not be missing and, divided into small groups led by the Calasanz Movement’s Demarcation Leaders and with the guidance of Guillermo Gomez, it could be done. With an activity around the logo of the Calasanz Movement, the young people were able to reflect, write, talk about their significant experiences in the Movement, mixed among the different Provinces.
  • Eloy Fernandez Sch. P. invited the participants to see the testimonies of four young people from each Piarist Circumscription and connect with their journey. Fr. General was able to give some closing words and thank the commitment and work of all to live their faith in community with Piarist style in the Calasanz Movement.

We thank God for this experience and for celebrating the day of the Calasanz Movement on this new date of May 31. May it be a new opportunity to REINITIATE in us in the midst of the challenges of our world that the Pandemic leaves us.

Santiago Gaviria Yepes