“Ad fastigium perfectae charitatis”, that is to say, “towards the summit (and depth) of Perfect Charity”. Such is the motto with which we want to walk this year, the 400th year of our approval as a Religious Order of Solemn Vows.

Undoubtedly, in this we count on the help of God who called us to follow Him in the Pious Schools. And He, as the origin of every call, also sends his help so that our response may be more free, conscious, and generous every day.

The Gospel says that “The Lord called those he wanted”. And in our case, he has really shown himself to be “the one who calls”.

We have celebrated with great joy and enormous gratitude the entrance to the Prenovitiate of 9 young men, which, added to the 4 of second year, add up to a total of 13 young men in this stage of formation. We thank God for this gift and ask Him to grant them fidelity.

P. Luis Maltauro