Keep working for the children, trust in God, stay united and don’t lose your joy.”  (Saint Joseph Calasanz)

Dear brothers and sisters,

We write this fraternal letter to you a few days after being chosen by the 48th General Chapter of the Pious Schools to carry forward the service of accompanying the path of the Order, and of all those who share that path, throughout the new sexennium. We assume this task as a sending, and from the deep conviction that the mission entrusted to us must be lived and assumed as a team, in dynamics of communion and from a humble and generous dedication. We ask the Lord of the calls to sustain and strengthen us in this service that we assume with full availability.

We have carefully chosen the Calasanctian text with which this letter opens, because we believe that it accurately captures the keys from which our Pious Schools feel sent to walk throughout these years. These are four councils that spring from the center of Calasanz’ soul: dedication to children and young people; the experience of faith and prayer; fraternal communion and the authentic joy of those who know and feel that they are trying to be faithful to the vocational gift received from the Lord.

Calasanz gave this advice to his religious at a time when the continuity of the Pious Schools was in serious danger. He probably did so because he knew that these four proposals, honestly embodied by each Piarist and shared fraternally in community, constituted the essence of Piarist life. We, as the General Congregation, offer them again to all of you. They are a path of authenticity for all the religious of the Order; they are testimonial invitation for young people who feel the vocational call for their lives; they are an exciting challenge for the Piarist Fraternities and for the Lay Piarists; they are paths of growing identity for those who share the Calasanctian mission and for those who live their faith in our Piarist presences and are, finally, proposals of life for all the children and young people who grow up among us.

We present ourselves to you with availability and commitment, and we offer the best of ourselves to accompany all the Pious Schools from these councils of Calasanz. We thank you for your welcome and your demand, and with you, we ask for the blessing of the Lord and the protection of Mary for the path that we are called to travel throughout this sexennium.

May the Holy Spirit inspire our walk.

Receive a fraternal embrace.

Fr. József URBÁN Sch.P., General Assistant for Asia
Fr. Félicien MOUENDJI Sch.P., General Assistant for Africa
Fr. Carles GIL Sch.P., General Assistant for Europe
Fr. Julio Alberto ÁLVAREZ Sch.P., General Assistant for America
Fr. Pedro AGUADO Sch.P., Father General

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico, February 6, 2022