With great joy Nazareth Province celebrates the Priestly Ordination of our brother Sergio Andrés Suárez Vanegas, by the imposition the hands of Msgr. Luis Manuel Alí Herrera, auxiliary bishop of Bogota, on December 5, 2020.

With a simple ceremony in the colosseum of the Calasanz Bogotá School and the company of some family, religious, friends, students and alumni of the Calasanctian works based in Bogota, we witness as Msgr. Luis Manuel accompanies and motivates the new priest in his decision to embark on a new path with Jesus… “After several stages, you will be a Eucharistic man who will spread that spiritual food to God’s holy faithful people and understand the plan of evangelization of Christ Jesus who kept it engraved in your heart. Referring to the Gospel, that compassion is what will make you a minister of comfort, today the Lord has compassion for his church, listens to our pleas and gives us today a Priest so that the people may be comforted by that presence of Christ Jesus. Comfort heartbroken hearts, everything you get is free, so give everything about yourself for free! Ask our good God, the one who took a chance with you, to give you a priestly heart so that you may risk everything for Him.”

Checho thanked all the assistants at heart for accompanying him at this important moment, in the midst of a global crisis where his word and companionship can be comfort for grieving and heartbroken hearts, but also for the joyful and motivated. “I want to do the same thing Jesus did for me. He took a chance for me and never got tired, I went round and He did not tire, I told him with anger to leave me alone and He did not tire; I don’t want to get tired either, I want to do what He does, and I don’t want to get tired. Help me all, I want to risk one hundred percent for Him, one hundred percent for the Pious Schools I love, one hundred percent for the Church I also love.”

We pray that Sergio Andrés will remain faithful to his ministry, in the service of the Pious Schools and the church, to work for our treasure, and for the Lord to give him the grace to continue passionate about Christ Jesus.

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