Born to educate”, a campaign that aims to make visible the extreme situation of education and value the work of teachers in Venezuela

 The Piarists of Venezuela have launched the Campaign “Born to educate” that wants to make visible the situation of collapse of education and value the vocational call of their teachers.

 The serious humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has particularly affected the education system, which is on the verge of collapse, especially because of the very low salaries of teachers. The Piarists, faithful to our tradition of popular school, look for options for our teachers to continue doing what they do best: educate. As  Juan Alfonso Serra, Piarist Provincial of Central America, states,   “Calasanz founded the Pious Schools with the purpose that the children and young people of his time could have a dignified future, but it is also equally clear that, so important work  needed the attention of committed educators”, and quotes one of the writings of the founder of the Piarists: “The problem of teaching is of such importance that it requires individuals endowed with immense charity, patience and other virtues” (1636). “So –continues Fr. Provincial – this seems obvious: there is no education for children if there is no one to attend to them and yet, being so obvious, it always seems easier for us to give help to children than to our teachers.”

Fr. Javier Alonso, coordinator of this initiative, explains that the objective of the campaign is twofold. On the one hand, to show the vocational vitality that our teachers have “despite the enormous difficulties that exist in the country and their low salary”. On the other, to collect funds for the help of our staff and thus, give them some more stability. In fact, the campaign’s website collects a multitude of testimonies from school teachers in Venezuela.

As Fr. Provincial points out, “in the gospel of Matthew Jesus not only says ‘I was hungry’, ‘I was naked’, ‘I was imprisoned’. He also said “you fed me”, “you dressed me”, “you visited me”. It is not enough to contemplate, but action is needed.  It’s not enough to look at reality, you have to take care of it.”

The campaign was presented on July 30 in an online connection that had the participation of about 70 directors and heads of Piarist educational centers around the world. Through a web page ( all the information of the Campaign is centralized and testimonies of educators of the different Piarist works are offered. Likewise, different possibilities of collaboration are also established.

The Piarists from Central America and the Caribbean present in Venezuela welcome in their classrooms about 4,200 children and, through five educational centers, have 300 educators.

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You can contact the person in charge of the project, the Piarist Fr. Javier Alonso who is currently in Carora (Venezuela), through the following mobile: