The Order of the Pious Schools and especially the Province of Argentina have received as a gift from the Lord the Solemn Profession and subsequent Diaconate Ordination of our brother Gonzalo Urrets Zavalía de Cristo Crucificado.

In the framework of the celebration of the fourth centenary of the canonical erection of the Order, walking a new Piarist vocational year, we are blessed with the dedicated life of this young man who wants to follow Christ and him, Crucified.

On Saturday 20 he made his Solemn Profession in the Church of St. Thomas School, where this brother saw his Piarist vocation grow since his tender years. And as if we did not already have an immense gift, the following day the Archbishop of Córdoba, Carlos Ñáñez, ordained him deacon.

The joy of the Order and of the whole Church at this new gift received makes us redouble our vows to continue praying to the Lord for the gift of vocations.

P. Luis Maltauro