The harvest is plentiful but the Laborers and few”, says Jesus in the Gospel of Mathew 9, 38. And He invites us to “ask the Lord of the harvest, to send more workers into his harvest field.”  This has been our plea every year in most of our communities, praying for more vocations not only in our Congregation but for the Universal Church. At a time when the vocational chat is diminishing in many parts of the world, I think it’s important for us to intensify prayers and encourage more vocations into the Religious life and Sacred Priesthood. The Church needs authentic vocations to continue with the salvation mission of Jesus Christ. The Order of the Pious Schools need vocations to continue with the Mission that the Holy Spirit entrusted to our Holy Founder, St Joseph Calasanz.

PIARIST VOCATIONAL YEAR November 2021/22 – A response to the invitation of Jesus to Pray for more vocation in the Church.  We are happy that the General Father and the General Congregation on the occasion of the 400thanniversary of the elevation of the Pious Schools as a Religious Order in the Church with Solemn Vows (1621) has declared another new Piarist vocational year, giving us the opportunity to for more authentic vocations in the Order and in the Church.

In our context in the Province of Central Africa, the Lord has been responding to our prayers and every year he blesses us with abundant vocations. We remain thankful to Him, the author of all vocations. Our Piarist way of life is attracting many young persons to follow Christ in the Order of the Pious Schools. This year like other years, has been a fruitful year in the Province with the deaconate and priestly ordination of some of our brothers in Rome, Congo and Cameroon: Bob Stevy, Gustave MUNDUYU and Jean Sylvain OTTOU made their Solemn Professions and were ordained as deacons; while Emmanuel AZIWUNG TANKENG, Armand Robbichaud KUM TEM, Levinus YULEH MBIVNJO et Alex Romaric DJIOZANG were ordained Priests.

We rejoice and we are thankful to the Lord of the harvest.

Fr. Evaristus Akem Ndi Sch. P.