For many years now, the Calasanctian Route has become a tradition in our Order. But the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic is still present in our world to the point that we are living the third year in the incapacity to meet to organize this great event of initiation and reunion in Calasanz.

To compensate for this void, the Province of West Africa has organized a “local Calasanctian route” for the brothers at the end of their initial formation. They are Brothers Jean Fabrice Tosséblou YEKANNI, Dan Prince-Emmanuel MILANDOU GOMAS, Emmanuel Amath NDONG and Noël Bouyondé SAMBOU.

Thus, for two weeks, from August 26 to September 9, 2021, accompanied by Fathers Christian EHEMBA and Samson EHEMBA, Provincial and Assistant for Community Life respectively, they lived in Daloa and then in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) the 1st edition of the “Calasactian route of EPAO”.

Moments of exchange and meeting with resource persons: couples opening up to their experience of family, educators sharing with us the realities of Ivorian education and a Parish Priest sharing the history of Evangelization in the Daloa area as well as the challenges.

The deepening and rereading of the Piarist charism were also covered with documents such as The Configuration to Jesus in the Piarist Constitutions by Fr. Miguel Ángel Asiain. The challenges of the Church, the Order and the Province of West Africa were also highlighted to prepare the brothers to face them.

The journey will end with the Profession of the solemn vows of the brothers on September 10 and their Diaconal Ordination on September 11.

Dan Prince-Emmanuel Milandou Gomas Sch. P.