The second day of the Fourth Advisory Council of Itaka-Escolapios began with a prayer by Fr. Joseph Kunnel, coordinator of Itaka-Escolapios in India, asking that God accompany and inspire one more day these days of reflection.

In the first session of the day Fr. Javier Aguirregabiria, president of Itaka-Escolapios, directed the presentation “Discoveries and Challenges for the Next Six-year term”. The reflection that the Executive Committee wanted to share with the Network Advisory Council was based on the results of the survey that targeted all demarcations and fraternities to learn about the current moment assessment of the Itaka-Escolapios and the exhibition was an invitation to:

  1. Advancing in the information and presentation of our being and doing.
  2. Being more protagonists because all people are Itaka-Escolapios.
  3. Taking on novelty and discerning in the key of participation in the charism.
  4. Working for the growth of the Order and Fraternity.
  5. Increasing areas, projects and works shared on the Network.

He closed the speech by reiterating the invitation for all people to felt Itaka-Escolapios and to “find new paths”, collecting the motto of this Advisory Council.

The second session of the day was held by the general volunteer team of the network who, considering that this second day of the Advisory Council coincides with the celebration of Volunteering day in Itaka-Escolapios, organized the first global meeting of the volunteers of the network. There were more than 120 gathered at a virtual meeting that, following a presentation by Fr. Eloi Chávez, coordinator of the volunteer team, on the keys of Piarist volunteering, was organized into small groups to discuss and reflect on the common elements of the identity of the volunteering of the network, the challenges of the moment and make proposals on how to promote volunteering in the coming years. The great reception of this invitation allowed a total of 13 simultaneous working groups to be organized in four different languages. The session was completed with several testimonies of volunteers from various places and closed with the creation of a cloud of words that reflect what it is to volunteer or volunteer by all the people who are a volunteering the meeting.

Tomorrow the Advisory Council will continue with a review of the network situation, the balance sheet of the strategic plan 2015-2021 and the presentation of the rest of the general teams of the network.

Executive Committee