The 25th of September was the day on which Fr. Józef Matras (from the Province of Poland) and Fr. Fiacre Diatta (from the Province of West Africa) have publicly taken office as Rectors of the House of San Pantaleo, the first one, and the House of Montemario, the second one.

They carry out the task of facilitating the Piarist mission of both communities. The House of San Pantaleo is a welcoming house for the people. General House is a strategic house for supporting the plans and projects of the Order and thus contributes to the integral strengthening of the demarcational presences. Finally, the Calasanctianum of Montemario is a house for the study and formation of young piarists.

In this way, the houses of San Pantaleo and Montemario try to fulfill the function of being transmitters of life: in charisma, identity, spirituality, in ongoing formation.

The religious communities of San Pantaleo, Montemario, and the general community of the Piarist Sisters shared the Eucharist and, at the same time, witnessed the commitment declared by the two new rectors. Afterwards, everyone celebrated and thanked God with a fraternal meal.

Faithful to the tradition of our Piarist family, the rector fathers received a hug from everyone as a sign of co-fraternity and community unity. We pray that God will hear the prayers of the communities praying for all the Pious Schools in the world.

A sign of abundant gratitude was long applause and affection from the religious community of San Pantaleo, who thanked the diligent and responsible, persevering, and detailed work of Fr. Francesc Mulet, who has given his soul as rector during the last years. Thank you, Fr. Francesc and Fr. Miguel Giráldez, for your service in accompanying and running the General Houses in Rome to benefit the entire Order.