A few days ago, the house of San Pantaleo was painted with Mexican joy, but above all with an accent of gratitude for the gift received from the capitulars of the 48th General Chapter “Under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit”. The members of the Logistic Commission, in charge of planning even the smallest detail in welcoming the capitulars and collaborators, met in Rome to get to know the great past that sustains the fascinating present of the Pious Schools all over the world.

They visited the Calasanctian places where our Holy Father Joseph Calasanz was in Rome. They prayed and celebrated in the chapel that witnessed milestones in the history of our beloved Order. Before this scenario, they reaffirmed why their collaboration was so important in the last General Chapter: to continue sowing hope and life in children and young people.

Nothing we do without thinking about the dream of Calasanz, and the complete experience lived in Mexico, gives us the impulse to continue building the Pious Schools that we need. That our children and young people need. That our world needs. For this reason, thank you Adriana Medina, Rodrigo Núñez, Alan Medina, Saúl Cerón, Francisco López, P. Emmanuel Suárez and P. José Luis Sánchez, because your work was key for this renewed impulse lived in Mexico. Thank you very much.