Strength from the roots: “from a good beginning we can expect a good end”.

This is the chronicle of a day of joy for the confreres who make community at the General House in Montemario. The newly appointed rector of the community, Fr. Fiacre Diatta, welcomed Fr. General Pedro Aguado in his visit to the community, a visit that had the purpose of strengthening the religious life of the Piarist brothers.

In this community live six solemnly professed religious, five are priests and one is in the process of preparation for ordination to the diaconate, Pedro da Cruz. All of them are young adult Piarist brothers who are preparing themselves in Rome with an academic program of theological and psychological specialization in pontifical universities. They all come from different countries and cultures; however, they are united by one heart: to live Christ through Calasanz.

On this day they had the pleasure of celebrating the Mass of institution of the ministry of acolyte to our brother Pedro, from Timor Leste. On the other hand, the personal interviews and the community meeting showed the strength and passion with which they live their vocation. The apostolates they carry out in various places and human groups in Rome demonstrate their missionary spirit as the key to their vocational life. Study and work are at the root of their vocational beginnings in adult Piarist life, witness of those who want to live with coherence the gift received from God.

The community project is designed to configure them as religious connected to the Order of the Pious Schools. They wish to make their presence visible to the whole of the Pious Schools with an attitude of readiness and openness. This helps them to strengthen the identity and the character of belonging to something that is greater than themselves, so that the more solid the root, the better and abundant fruits can be expected for the Kingdom of God.