“Your Voice” is the new slogan proposed by the Calasanz Movement to all the Pious Schools. The new slogan aims to “follow the synodal process of the Church and communicate to all and, above all, to each young person: we want to hear your voice”. It is a very suggestive slogan since it invites us to approach it from different perspectives. Your voice is important because you are important to us, this is the message of the last General Chapter of the Pious Schools to all the boys and girls. In this dynamic of synodality, we intend to listen to each other. We, the followers of Jesus Christ, want to be attentive to the voice of the Lord. In this Piarist Vocation Year we seek to discern the will of God in our lives. In our communities we pray: Lord, hear our prayer and hear us. We trust in Christ because He, as the Word of God, became flesh and dwelt among us.

The logo

The logo, simple, represents with informal typography the slogan and includes the icon of the equalizer -representing the sound waves of our Voice- in the form of a cross inserted in the letters that compose YOUR VOICE. The Lord makes himself present with his Voice, in our midst.

The posters

The poster proposed for the little ones shows the presence of God in our midst and in our reality. God is present with his love, and we have the possibility to recognize him in our daily life.

For the older ones, the proposal is more symbolic, under a silhouette representing a child with his eyes raised and speaking – insisting on the idea of giving voice to young people -, different backgrounds are superimposed that speak to us of different realities and experiences.

The MCal makes available to all demarcations promotional materials, either the logo or the three proposals of posters, two dedicated to the little ones and one focused on young people: https://movimientocalasanz.org/lema-22-23/